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The Local Contexts Registry

This is the registry for accounts that are registered with the Local Contexts Hub. Visit an account's public page to contact or request to join, and to view public projects, Open to Collaborate Notices, and Labels in use.

After you register on the Hub, you can request to join accounts for communities and institutions that you are already affiliated with. If you wish to collaborate with a community or institution you are not affiliated with, you will connect with them through Projects. You do not need to join their account.

Academy of Natural Sciences image

Academy of Natural Sciences

Institution | Members: 01 | Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States

No description provided.


Adam Copeland

Researcher | Location: Orono, Maine, United States of America

Early career PhD student using environmental DNA to investigate sustainable fisheries, population genetics, larval dispersal, and community response to climate change in the Gulf of Maine.


Agnes Trouillet

Researcher | Location: Paris, Paris, France

Political History, Historical Geography, Indigenous History

Ahtna Kenage' image

Ahtna Kenage'

Community | Members: 01 | Location: Alaska, United States of America

Ahtna language speakers, learners, and teachers across Ahtna country.


Alannah Croom

Researcher | Location: Naarm (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia

Research assistant and archivist on the ARC Indigenous Discovery project "Indigenous Storytelling and the Living Archive of Aboriginal Knowledge"